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Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 with tailored advice to suit your organisation. Enjoy better access to files, seamless collaboration and secure conferencing. 

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We're ready to help with COVID-19 and beyond.

Remote productivity packages in only 2 weeks.

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  • Teamwork hub in Microsoft 365: The collaboration essentials
  • Move your phone system to the cloud
  • Microsoft Teams training
  • Cloud Document Management in Microsoft 365 - SharePoint
  • Intranet & Team sites
  • Business Processes Automation
  • Security
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Where to from here?

Every day is another day of lower productivity. Make your move now.
                        1. Productivity consultation (45 minutes)  / Product demo (15 minutes)                               
                        2. Recommendations of apps for NFP, Aged Care, Engineering and Mining industries            
                       3. Define priorities with an industry consultant and build a plan of action                          

Our product partners 

Get a hub for teamwork where you can chat, hold meetings, and share files and apps. Connect your people with each other and to their content.
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Enable your staff to intuitively find what they’re looking for, to have remote read and edit access to files, and to co-author (work on the same files at the same time).
A lightweight workflow and task management tool that provides a centralised hub for employees to create and manage project plans, assign tasks to team members and
track progress.
Fuel everyday decisions
with data-driven insights. Power BI can help empower
users throughout your organisation with self-service reports and dashboards. 


READY OR NOT: your business and COVID-19.

Get a copy of our business readiness kit and know how to effectively check if your systems, processes, and people are ready for the impacts of COVID19.

We explore the key things you need to consider relating to: 

  • The tools you use and how to check whether your staff can operate equally effectively at or away from the office
  • The skills your team have to be able to work remotely
  • Crucial questions to ask to keep your business running



We’re Microsoft Gold Productivity Partners, experts in remote working initiatives and digital collaboration processes. We can help you and your team enable critical applications in the cloud which is critical to get you ready for remote working that will help you manage hassle-free remote working. 

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