Security Packages for Not-for-Profits

Are you a nonprofit or charity? From donated or discounted licensing to full security reviews, Bremmar can help you build a holistic approach to security.

Failure to prepare for a cyberattack can cost your NFP big. From financial losses and downtime to reputational damage and even legal action as a result of a data breach, there are a number of ways that cybercrime can impact your organisation.

At Bremmar, we adopt a coordinated approach to threat mitigation with a multilayered security strategy that involves your staff as well as the physical, network, software, and application layers. We are focused on the NFP sector and our products and services are created in response to industry needs.


Essential 8 Security Assessment & Compliance Report 

Our assessment provides you with a report summarising your compliance with the Essential 8 maturity levels and recommendations for improvements, including:


  • Essential 8 security assessment and compliance report
  • M365 Security report
  • Security workshop and a high-level roadmap



  • Security Awareness Training & Simulation
    Emulate a range of phishing attacks to help you identify areas of weakness in your NFP and empower users through engaging security training
    From: $2.7k p/year

  • Microsoft Defender for O365 Implementation
    Protect your organisation from spam, phishing and malware threats including Microsoft 365 email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. Inform users with intelligent tips on emails to keep them safe. 

    From: $6.2k

    *All prices exclude GST.

  • Mobile App Management
    Protect and manage corporate data and apps on mobile devices through encryption and pin security. Enable BYOD and mobile policies that keep work and personal apps separate. Wipe work data if employees move on.
    From: $6.2k
  • Multifactor Authentication & Self Service Password Reset
    Protect your organisation against identity attacks and lost or stolen passwords. Implement a simple mechanism for users to reset their own passwords.
    From: $6.2k


Want to understand how the security packages work or are not sure where to get started? 

Book a chat with one of our NFP security experts to understand more about the industry packages we offer and get a demo to see the product in action.
This initial meeting takes approximately 1 hour - We take a consultative approach to understand how you work, your pain points and requirements.



We're your Not-for-Profit Security IT consultants


final signature 4 gold-1Good technology decisions are vital to the success of your non-profit and your mission. You need long-term strategic solutions to strengthen your organisation from within, spur engagement and better serve your purpose.

We specialise in helping NFP organisations to solve real-world business problems with fit-for-growth, results-driven, technology solutions that leverage the Microsoft stack. As we specialise in your sector,  from the start, we know more about you, the clients you serve, and the external pressures on your organisation.


“Bremmar really brings together the strategy element, project element and managed service element all in one. They also have solid knowledge of the NFP sector which is pretty niche.

From the very first project, Bremmar understood our needs. We didn’t have to spend a lot of time getting them to understand what we’re trying to achieve. We wouldn’t have had the same level of confidence with someone who wasn’t as familiar with our industry,”

Enda Fahy CFO - Southcare

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“Bremmar have been invaluable in helping guide us through our digital transformation. They know our goals, have helped us map out a strategic roadmap for success, and they deliver on set milestones each month to push us further towards our goal”

Aaron Divitini ICT Manager - One Tree Community Services

One Tree