Join us for a free information session over breakfast as we show how harnessing the power of Microsoft’s cloud-based platform can help everyone work smarter with fewer frustrations and less wasted effort.

Microsoft Content Services is a highly advanced engine room that uses SharePoint to connect all of your familiar Office 365 programs with One Drive cloud storage, intuitive searching and document management, plus next-generation intelligence to automate everyday processes.

The examples below dramatically illustrate the advantages.

The statistics in many workplaces are frightening.

  • 19.8% of the working day is spent searching for files or information people need to do their job (that’s a full day every week).
  • 67% of workers don’t have mobile access to their work.
  • $5000 per engineer was the cost a US company discovered they’d wasted from their their people duplicating the same work because there was no system for collaboration or sharing solutions.
What will we cover?

1. See how Office 365 and SharePoint work together as a Content Services platform
2. Learn how moving to a cloud-based system allows secure mobile and remote access
3. Take a deep dive into SharePoint:

    • What can be stored (file types, sizes, special objects)
    • How to keep docs organised (folders, metadata and views)
    • Practical exercises using a demo SharePoint site 
    • Version control, co-authoring and approvals
    • Permissions
    *This event will be the 1st of a series that will cover other SharePoint topics in the future.

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Sessions are limited to 15 participants to maximise the learning experience and facilitate discussions. 

The Microsoft Content Services platform will help to digitally transform your workforce

SharePoint acts as the ring master to enable cloud-based collaboration and intuitive secure document management across every part of your business.

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Eloise Claffey
is Bremmar's Business Systems Implementation Consultant, aka, Office 365, SharePoint & Power Platform guru. Eloise helps businesses to identify opportunities for improvement and growth, leveraging Office 365, SharePoint and a variety of other applications and platforms to create a thoughtful, pragmatic and artful solution that will achieve business outcomes.
Her motto: "
Technology for humans, not systems "


What to expect

Our events are 1-hour breakfast sessions with a short-and-sharp topic overview and then lots of opportunity to ask pertinent questions, share experiences and have 1-on-1 time with our specialists!

Peer group discussions on industry challenges, technology, and how to leverage the systems already in place.

Hands-on content focused on using IT solutions to achieve business objectives and how to implement them.

Minimal presentation time. The goal is to have high-level or technical discussions and questions, without the sales pitch.


Get in quick! Each session is limited to 15 participants to maximise the learning experience and facilitate discussions. 
Waitlist available. Based on demand, more sessions can be scheduled.